Meltem Cutlery Items Hardware Ind. and Trading Company


Always quality service concept and our company has been accepted as the most important element of customer satisfaction, 21 years of experience and knowledge in 1986, Meltem Cutlery Items Hardware Ind. and Trading Company has offered the service of companies and organizations in the consumer goods sector as mineral.
Fork, spoon, knife, Tea Sets, Chests, production in the field of Vacuum Packaging and Boxes our company with experience of over 21 years, Turkey's stainless steel kitchenware industry, continues its activities with increased production capacity and richer range of products.
Taking into consideration the requirements of the era, our company expanded its range of products, the different models of equipment and utensils on the size of the site, you are providing valuable appreciation of our visitors.
Our company both domestic and abroad and combining it with the quality of the product of experience in the production of commercial work, the amount of customer satisfaction in the first place.
All our products are made from 304 quality stainless steel, with many years of friendship you wish to your kitchen.
We also export to foreign countries...